releases Dissenter: a tool to bypass social media censorship

Social media censorship is ubiquitous. Facebook and Twitter are in full control of what can or cannot be said within their platforms and you can be sure that they use that power to censor or simply “nerf” the reach of messages whose content they disagree with.

Two years ago, Andrew Torba launched his free speech oriented social network Any kind of speech that is considered legal in the United States can be posted in the Gab platform. That is, there is no separate set of prohibited speech defined by the platform being enforced on its users. This has lead to backlashes from traditional social media, who accused Gab of promoting “hate speech”.

Now Gab wants to give its users even more power to voice their opinions free of censorship: it has just released Dissenter, or “the comment section of the internet” as its creators have dubbed it. This service allows users to comment and read comments for every URL out there from an external plugin, without the need to log into that particular website or even having an account there. You can comment about a Facebook page, and read comments from other Dissenter users about it, without having to log into Facebook or even having a Facebook account in the first place. This means you can completely bypass the private censorship of platforms like Facebook, Twitter and even WordPress.

If you want to give it a try, visit

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