About me

Hello! My name is Renan Felipe dos Santos and I’m 27 years old. I am a young trilingual professional working with technology and translation, hobbyist writer and loving father. I was born and raised in a northern neighborhood of Porto Alegre, Brazil and completed my elementary and high school studies in public schools. Although I have achieved technician-level education in Advertisement and completed a vocational  course in Printing and Graphical arts industry, I have never actually practiced any of those trades.

Colombia is the welcoming country where I have been living for the past 4 years, where I first met my wife and where my son was born. Now and then, I write about how is life around here for Brazilian people interested in migrating. The main goal of this page is to work as both an online resume and an aggregator of my writings scattered across several personal projects, as well as a personal blog, a kind of “philosophical diary” where I post my opinions, observations and findings.

Language Skills

I am a native speaker of Brazilian Portuguese and a fluent speaker of both English and Spanish, despite the fact that I don’t hold any proficiency certificate. I have some basic knowledge of German and Mandarin Chinese, as well.

Academic Background and Continued Education

I hold an associate’s degree in System Analysis and Development from FTEC (now Uniftec), a private college of region-wide renown.

Over the years, I have complemented my education with more specific, shorter courses. In the field of foreign languages, I took courses like “Fundamentos de la Escritura en Español” from Instituto Técnico de Monterrey, “Corrección y Estilo en Español” from Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and “English Grammar and Style” from the University of Queensland. I also took part in the courses “Chinese for Beginners” and “More Chinese for Beginners” from Peking University.

In the field of games and localization, I took part of the courses “Monetização em Games e Aplicativos Mobile” and “Entendendo o Produto e o Consumidor de Games” from Escola Brasileira de Games, “Introduction to Game Localization” from Pablo Muñoz and “Website Localization for Translator” from Dorota Pawlak.

Experience in Tech

In tech, I started while I was still a student, as software testing intern at Dell de Porto Alegre (2010-2012). I traveled to Colombia in 2013 and came back to the country in 2014 to take part in a work exchange program offered by AIESEC and Holcim (now Holcim-Lafarge) from Medellín, where I worked as an order taking agent for internal and external customers.

I got back to tech in Bogotá when I started working for Menntun as an e-learning monitor (2015-2017). As representatives of this company, my coworker  Eng. Stephanía Cifuentes and I wrote about and presented our experience with MOOCs on health at the  Chamilo Conference 2016 in Cartagena de Indias (Colombia). You can download that presentation clicking on this link.

Since the second semester of 2017 I have been working for Sutherland Global Services in Bogotá, a BPO company. I have been promoted to Quality Analyst in May 2018, and that is the position I currently hold.

Experience in Translation 

I begun translating as an amateur for my own blog in 2011 and moved on to volunteering and freelancing in 2015. Among the projects I have worked on as a volunteer are the course Chinese from Beginners from the Peking University (2015) available on Coursera, and the open source social media web app (2018, translation not published yet).

As part of my activities as an e-learning monitor at Menntun (2015-2017), I have translated e-learning courses and newsletters on health and medicine. For this task, I relied heavily on an excellent medical terminology course offered by Des Moines University, which is totally open, free of charge, and can be accessed from this link.

As a freelancer I have translated Leadaki’s website and web app (2016, 2017), as well as the games Robot Pirates from Tydecon Games (2017) and Barista Blitz from Extrafeet (2017). At this time, I am translating a Web Backend Programming course for a renowned e-learning company.

Experience in Writing

Since 2011, I am editor and write for the blog Direitas Já!, where I mainly write about politics, history, economics and news from a conservative and classical liberal standpoint, as well as disseminate the works of conservative, classical liberal and libertarian thinkers.

Since 2017 I also maintain the site, where I write about indie and retro games, game translation and localization for the Latin American and Brazilian gaming markets.

I also happen to edit a blog on Steemit, where I republish material from my other two blogs and also publish original content.